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Thanks for the memories, London

The dust has settled, the caffeine has finally worn off, and ProductCamp London 2015 is becoming a warm, fuzzy memory – but we can’t let this year’s fantastic event pass by without saying thank you!

Thank you to all of our brilliant, creative attendees who travelled from around the UK and beyond to make our discussions so lively. Thank you to everyone who pitched, facilitated and participated in sessions and shared their experience (and their failures). And thank you to our wonderful sponsor Twilio, who gave some great demos on the day and also helped make it all possible!

We hope you had an inspiring day, met some new people and learned some neat tips and techniques that will make you a brilliant product manager. We had an absolute blast – we hope you did too. Make sure you follow us on Twitter to keep up to date on our upcoming events.

In the meantime, check out the event photos or you can read some round-ups up from ProductCamp London 2015 courtesy of Mind the Product, ProdPad and Rod Nicolson. Did we miss yours? Let us know the link in the comments below!

Product Management Conference – Mind the Product 2012 – London

Great news for everyone on the lookout for the next product management event… MindTheProduct.com proudly presents Mind the Product 2012 – a conference for product managers, here in London.

We’re delighted to announce our first ever conference – Mind the Product 2012 – on Friday, September 28th at the Mermaid Conference Centre in London. Mind the Product 2012 is the first conference of its kind, bringing together product management leaders from around the world to explore the intersection of design, technology and business – the business of building great products. (more…)