Proud to announce new sponsors!

ProductCamp would not be possible without the help of our generous sponsors. We’ve just added two fantastic companies to our list:

Skadoosh: Basic Sponsor

Skadoosh is a social shopping game of product discovery that enables users to share “what they are interested in and more importantly what they think and feel about a brands products” in exchange for credits and rewards from brands. To play Skadoosh and earn credits, members simply login and start discovering and sharing their sentiments about brands and products, they find while browsing. i.e like, dislike, want, own. By aggregating members sentiments, brands will be able to see which of their products are currently hot or not.

Being a shopping game, Skadoosh has various levels (features) that can only be unlocked once a user has earnt enough credits. Users can only earn more credits by discovering new products and sharing their personal interests with brands. Key features that generate revenues include, affiliate fees, a recommendation engine, customised themes, personal analytics, e-tasks and a members personal (swap) shop.

Skadoosh’s key differentiator is our real-time user gamification and rules engine that uses NLP to extract meaning and value for brands. Skadoosh’s real-time platform uses Node.js and our ActivityStream API to create an extensible ontology of verbs to richly describe what users think and feel about brands and products i.e want, like, dislike, purchase, watch, share, swap, sell etc

Skadoosh’s rules engine enables brands to determine what credits, offers or discounts to provide each member in order to help change their behaviour. i.e If you indicate you like/want a product, the brand could send you a coupon or offer in real-time while your still browsing to help nudge you to make the purchase.

Wonga: Basic Sponsor solves people’s urgent cash needs with an equally short-term solution. We offer UK consumers small loans in fast and convenient way and we have developed the world’s only fully automated and real-time loan processing platform. Our technology has helped us process millions of applications since we launched in 2007 and we were recently named the UK’s fastest growing technology company in the TeckTrack 100 list. Consumers can apply 24/7 via the web or mobile and, if approved, receive cash into their bank account in minutes. We are passionate about responsible lending and our approach is based on complete transparency; unique levels of flexibility; and of course our sophisticated decision technology, which means we have industry-leading low arrears rates.

Wonga is hiring a Senior Product Manager to join their growing team.

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